Out of Order, comes chaos, and then a more fascinating order

It’s a sloppy definition of entropy, that all systems tend toward disorder. However, anyone who knows me is well aware of my predilection towards taking something that was in prime working order and, well, altering that state. It’s what led to my receiving the designation as an “Agent of Entropy” once upon a time, in what seems like a different life.

The concept of chaos was revisited upon my life last month when my wife and I learned that our second child wasn’t alone in her abdomen, and our family would jump from three to five in a hurry. That gets the mind going, and I wanted somewhere to set down some of my thoughts. I don’t know if anyone else will care, or even should care, but I’m going to put some ramblings here. Some of them will be about our impending arrivals. Some will be about work (I teach physics). Or life. Or our three year old. Or politics. Or sports. Or cheese.

Mmmm. Cheese.

Don’t get me started on cheese, brain. I need to use it for other things.

I have no idea how our two new little ones will change my life, but I can’t wait to find out. Adapting to chaotic surroundings is perhaps the thing I struggle with most in life, and now I get a chance to see my life turned completely upside-down. But nature is pretty clear about the process – everything gets mixed up, and out of that comes a new order. I’ll be older, wiser, busier, happier, sadder, and changed in some deeply fundamental way. That should terrify me, I know. And it does. But it will be so much more than I can envision, and isn’t that what life is, after all?  A journey into the unknown?

Meet the catalysts of change, hiding in their momma’s tummy, at what the doctors call 12 weeks:


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