One of the drawbacks of doing infertility treatments is that you know right away when you’re expecting, and so you have longer to wait. I’m not known as a patient person, and waiting 280 days (so they tell you when you get started) is a daunting task. It gets a little shorter when you realize the first 14 days don’t count – heck, they can happen before you even meet your partner. And then they say twins come early – they almost certainly won’t let us get past 37 weeks or so, and the average length is 35.2 weeks for twins born in the US. Choosing a number in the middle there puts it at 36 weeks, or 252 days, not 280. Today is day 90, or 35.7% of the way there. Unless they come earlier. Or later.

Patience is not just a river in Egypt.

I may have messed something up there.


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