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What I wouldn’t have thunked aboot four years ago

Posted in Uncategorized on March 23, 2012 by drmagoo

Our son will turn four this summer. His original due date was 8/29, but he arrived in this world on 7/16. The due date for the twins is 9/1 (I happen to think it’s actually 8/29, but the doctors say 9/1. To them, I ask – which one of us was more likely there when the process got started? Anyway.)

That year, as I do now, I was counting down to the expected delivery date. Counting down to things helps me feel like I have some control over the flow of time, even though (a) I do not, and (b) no one has any earthly idea when the kids will show up. Today would have been day 121 of that pregnancy, just over 43% of the way there. Little did we know that we’d already passed the halfway point.

I bring it up because today is day 118 this time around. That’s halfway to 236. That’s halfway to when our son was born.

Sing it with me…oh oh, we’re halfway there…oh, oh, livin’ on a prayer.

Of course, the twins could come even earlier. Or later. But it’s a thing.

Trying to figure out what comes next

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Had a couple more doctor’s appointments this week. One was just a consultation with MFM, but we liked them a lot better than the visit with our OB, which was really disappointing. We really liked him when our son was born, but this was really a terrible meeting. The capsule is working on talking to the various people to see about switching, or at least to find out if something’s going on that we missed.

The only time either of us have intentionally switched doctors was when our son was born, and the first doctor we had didn’t acknowledge that I was in the room when we met with her the first time. This might be the second. It’s hard, because we can’t really wait and see, since everything’s on a pretty short time frame.

111 days in, 15 weeks 6 days. Probably no more than 21 weeks or so left, and maybe less.

It feels like a Friday

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It’s not, I know, although there’s only one more day before Spring Break.

Next week, we have two appointments with doctors – our first this time around with the OB who delivered our son, and then a meeting the day after with someone from MFM.

The capsule reports that she’s finally hit that part of pregnancy in the second trimester where things get a little easier. She’s feeling better overall, and hasn’t started expanding faster than the universe just yet. We’re in the neighborhood of 40% of the way until the twins arrive (depending, of course, on when they show up), and while realistically we have probably nearly 5 months, I know it’s already starting to feel like it’s going quickly.

Had another “oh, holy crap, we’re having twins!” freakout this week. I thought I was a little past that, but nope. 😉


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Triple digits, buster.

Now I’m split – is time hurrying along, so that I won’t have enough time to get done what needs doing, or is it still dragging, leaving me to worry that something will still go horrifically wrong?

99 Luftballoons

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Well, it was either that, or Toto’s 99.

You’re saying I didn’t need to reference an 80’s pop song just because there are two (three, if you count 99 Red Balloons as a different song) that easily come to mind?

What crazy talk.

Tested what happens when we try to put three car seats in a row across the back of our Kia Sportage. They fit, which is a big thing. The second question is whether it’s safe – there’s a whole inch on one side and none on the other (so it’s slightly asymmetrical) – what will happen if we get in an accident and the seats get squished against each other. We’re going to contact the county’s Safe Kids organization and see if we’re worrying about nothing.

Major task coming up next: starting to investigate day care options.


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Every time I tell someone new about the twins and I see them freak out a little bit, I realize how far I’ve come in less than two months. In early January, I could hardly see straight, I was so overwhelmed by what this was going to mean for our future. Now, it’s become such a fact of my existence that it’s not “THE TWINS OMGWTFBBQ” but just “the twins.” They’re already part of our family, even though we won’t meet them for (hopefully) many weeks. It’s fascinating how what one day staggers you becomes commonplace. I know it’s so that we can function – if we didn’t eventually accept changes, we’d never be able to deal with the new things we run into every day.

I would imagine I’ll go through a few shocks over the next few months, the biggest being when they’re actually born. But in a few weeks, we’ll have the detailed ultrasound, where they’ll look at each blob and tell us “that’s a gall bladder” or “that’s a kidney,” and we’ll nod, as if we had any clue. But we’ll also see their hearts beat again, and find out if they’re boys/girls/one of each, and my mind will explode again. It’s amazing how much you can love pixels.