Every time I tell someone new about the twins and I see them freak out a little bit, I realize how far I’ve come in less than two months. In early January, I could hardly see straight, I was so overwhelmed by what this was going to mean for our future. Now, it’s become such a fact of my existence that it’s not “THE TWINS OMGWTFBBQ” but just “the twins.” They’re already part of our family, even though we won’t meet them for (hopefully) many weeks. It’s fascinating how what one day staggers you becomes commonplace. I know it’s so that we can function – if we didn’t eventually accept changes, we’d never be able to deal with the new things we run into every day.

I would imagine I’ll go through a few shocks over the next few months, the biggest being when they’re actually born. But in a few weeks, we’ll have the detailed ultrasound, where they’ll look at each blob and tell us “that’s a gall bladder” or “that’s a kidney,” and we’ll nod, as if we had any clue. But we’ll also see their hearts beat again, and find out if they’re boys/girls/one of each, and my mind will explode again. It’s amazing how much you can love pixels.


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