Trying to figure out what comes next

Had a couple more doctor’s appointments this week. One was just a consultation with MFM, but we liked them a lot better than the visit with our OB, which was really disappointing. We really liked him when our son was born, but this was really a terrible meeting. The capsule is working on talking to the various people to see about switching, or at least to find out if something’s going on that we missed.

The only time either of us have intentionally switched doctors was when our son was born, and the first doctor we had didn’t acknowledge that I was in the room when we met with her the first time. This might be the second. It’s hard, because we can’t really wait and see, since everything’s on a pretty short time frame.

111 days in, 15 weeks 6 days. Probably no more than 21 weeks or so left, and maybe less.


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