What I wouldn’t have thunked aboot four years ago

Our son will turn four this summer. His original due date was 8/29, but he arrived in this world on 7/16. The due date for the twins is 9/1 (I happen to think it’s actually 8/29, but the doctors say 9/1. To them, I ask – which one of us was more likely there when the process got started? Anyway.)

That year, as I do now, I was counting down to the expected delivery date. Counting down to things helps me feel like I have some control over the flow of time, even though (a) I do not, and (b) no one has any earthly idea when the kids will show up. Today would have been day 121 of that pregnancy, just over 43% of the way there. Little did we know that we’d already passed the halfway point.

I bring it up because today is day 118 this time around. That’s halfway to 236. That’s halfway to when our son was born.

Sing it with me…oh oh, we’re halfway there…oh, oh, livin’ on a prayer.

Of course, the twins could come even earlier. Or later. But it’s a thing.


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