Visual Dare #9

In all my long days, no one has crossed me. Oh, many have tried, for I span the chasm that guards a treasure that all men desire beyond telling. But I am narrow, and the way is long. And none truly understand my true nature.

Some go slowly, flailing their arms for balance. Some speed across, hoping their momentum will keep them on the path. But all fail. None have been worthy.

Here comes a new challenger. Young. Full of hope. Will he make it? Should I let him across?

The decisions of a sentient fence are full of risk.

6 Responses to “Visual Dare #9”

  1. Why did I encourage you? This is perfect – a true ‘wow’!!

  2. This is amazing!!! LOVE THIS. I see a well-worded short story behind this opening, one that packs a real punchline.

    Thanks for participating! Great job!

    • drmagoo Says:

      I don’t know when I’ll stretch a flash piece into a whole story, but it’s fun to contemplate. 😉

  3. The ‘sentient fence’, pure brilliance!

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