Visual Dare #10

A science-fiction motif with this one.

“This will work?”

“It should, Commander.”

“From what we’ve seen on their TV broadcasts – this is an intelligent species, right?”

“Generally, yes. But curious. Very curious.”

“And the only place in the galaxy we can find with the right environment to sustain our young is … in their eyes?”

“As best as we know.”

“They could kill us if they found out.”


“But they’ll find out eventually.”

“By then it will be too late.”

“You’re really sure this will work?”

“Our scientists tell us that no human can resist a hole in a fence. They’ll all look.”

3 Responses to “Visual Dare #10”

  1. Can I just tell you how much this creeped me out when I read this?? O my goodness, this is brilliant. I love how (from my POV, anyway), you don’t really “get” how it connects to the photo prompt until the very last line. Well done, m’friend!

  2. This is terrific! Love how you prey on our curiosity (!) and then BAM knock us over the head with that killer phrase at the end. Cheers!!

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