Visual Dare #12

They ate his right foot first, since it was the first out of the car. Then his legs, the ones which he had hoped to use to run to safety, but which really weren’t in good enough shape to carry him all that far, even if they weren’t already being digested. His torso took a while, filled with bone and offal and blood, and it was obvious they were savoring the moment where they’d take the first bite of his head. When they were done, the street was squeaky clean. Except for his car; they had no taste for metal.


4 Responses to “Visual Dare #12”

  1. WOOWWW. I am waffling between shuddering and laughing out loud! So factual and macabre and…..squeaky clean!! I am in awe. This is marvelous!

    Thanks for participating!!

  2. Cannibalism or zombies? Either way its clever

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