#MenageMonday, week 38


Have you ever really breathed in the fumes from a steel mill? Felt the bits of iron and sulfur and carbon settling deep into your lungs? I used to love doing that. Whenever I was down, I’d visit Pittsburgh or Gary or Birmingham and just walk around, letting my body fill with the smell of home. One great time, that Industrial Revolution.

I should have listened to my instincts after meeting with Henry Ford, though. The man made my skin crawl. But I needed more. And those LA sunsets, with light struggling to make it through the smog, made me weep more than once.

I knew the moment I’d seen it that I’d lost. I mean, turning the world into an unlivable pit of despair is something that has to be done with style, don’t you think? There are those who say I’m not normal, but that color is just wrong. It drove by and I could just feel the hatred for all life oozing from its tailpipe.

Beaten at my own game? No way – who do you think I am? Now, I am sorry, but I’m late for my Sierra Club meeting, and my Volt is fully charged.


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