Visual Dare #13

I wish I could see through your eyes. When you speak, I know there’s a right choice and a wrong choice. I hear the sharp divisions between you and the world around you. But I can’t resolve the image. I see you, but not you as you see you. I see you reflected in rough water, there, but unconstant. What is true one moment is gone the next. In bright light, there is nowhere I can hold my head to avoid the glare, sharp points of clarity that vanish too quickly, forever just out of my ability to recall.


7 Responses to “Visual Dare #13”

  1. I like the connections drawn here between the physical and emotional distortion of the character’s world. It lends an almost dreamy, surreal quality while still having enough of reality to bring a feeling of stability to the tale.

  2. Ooo. This is a different twist (no pun intended) on the distortion idea…a distortion of ideas, a splinter driven between friends. Nebulous and certain, distant and really. Love this piece. Well done, m’friend!!

  3. An interesting piece.
    Your 100 words capture an essence of uncertainty – things that are here one moment gone the next.
    I love the line, “I see you, but not you as you see you.” – it made me wonder about how we all see the world through different eyes. My perception of what is real is going to be so different to the person next to me.
    Thanks for an enjoyable read.

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