#MenageMonday, week 39

Because our twins were born Saturday, this one’s late. But I had the idea, and wanted to write it down.


The mid-morning sun was too bright, washing out the colors in the meadow. Still, Cole thought, it wasn’t hot, and it had been a pleasant night for sleeping outdoors. Tony had never liked camping, but he had something to prove. Put a few pints into Tony, and he’d get wound up, pontificating as if he were the sole expert in some esoteric field. Last night was a wild one, as pubgoers were treated to Tony’s thoughts about what condition werewolves left bodies in after feeding. He rambled on about how messy it must be, how werewolves left gnawed-on, eviscerated corpses behind, like mindless, ravenous beasts. It was Cole’s laughter that pushed Tony over the edge into the bet. Cole was barking mad, Tony said, to sleep outdoors, but eventually his ego won, and the two had camped outside.

It was too bad, Cole thought, that Tony would never hear him say “I told you so.” Looking over at the bones next to him, Cole reflected on how glad he was that he’d learned to smoke his prey for hours before eating them. The meat was much more succulent, the bones clean as a whistle, and Tony was really tender eating.


2 Responses to “#MenageMonday, week 39”

  1. Nice. 🙂 Smoked beer-soaked meat is the BEST! Thanks for posting.

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