VisualDare #14 – Gutted

The workman stepped out of the dusty rooms and flipped through some pages on his clipboard. “Looks like we made pretty good progress today. Got her high school friends, her first love, and her favorite song.”

His buddy sat down on the rubble, ignoring the music that came from underneath. Anything can become mundane if you do it enough. “Yeah, this one’s pretty well cleaned out. I forget – do we leave anything in the old broad, or is this a complete demo?”

“Says here she gets to keep an old joke and the pain.”

“Well, yeah. That’s a given.”


6 Responses to “VisualDare #14 – Gutted”

  1. AiYiYi….! So tragic and calloused and ironic all at once. NICE twist on the prompt!! Love, love, love what you did here. Great job!!!

    • drmagoo Says:

      Thanks! I wrote what I think are companion pieces today – for that one and the Five Sentence Fiction.

  2. This is great, would love to know more about the job the workmen are doing.

  3. I loved what you did with this prompt.
    Their matter of fact conversation is so chilling.
    A great read – thanks.

  4. Really original quite enjoyed it, hope its a good joke

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