#MenageMonday, Week 40


I woke up to the sound of red. It was this fucking drone, digging into me, forcing me awake. I sat up and looked around at a mutated landscape, thumping the heel of my hand against my ears to stop that damned noise. Behind the red was the trilling of blue, deadened somewhat by distance, but I knew it would leave me with a headache tomorrow. The only familiar thing I could see was that factory. Of course that damned thing wouldn’t change. It would survive this. This whatever the fuck it was that had happened to the atmosphere to make sounds out of colors and nightmares out of smells. Would I? I don’t know what those bastards did, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to live in this place. I’d tried ten days before. This time I’d try ten years. Maybe by then something would make some sense. Flipping the switch at my belt, I passed out onto the dusty ground, my body sending pulses of yellow into the diseased air for whatever still passed as life to hear.


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