Visual Dare #16 – Bells in the Rain

At first the tears fell slowly, for death was rare and pain only slightly less so. The goddess reveled in her love for her people, and the bells hanging from the chains binding her to inaction were silent. But she had given them desire, and soon she saw one of her beloved slaughter another to take what he had. She let a tear fall, precious in its singular nature, chiming out her mourning.

Her people were nothing if not ambitious, and as the blood began to flow more quickly, so did the tears.

The bells made such a beautiful sound in the rain.


3 Responses to “Visual Dare #16 – Bells in the Rain”

  1. Oooo. Mysterious and lyrical, a nice haunting tone overall. Will the goddess wake up and do something about the slaughter? *looks hopeful*

    Lovely work. Thanks again for another great VisDare!

  2. This has a wonderful beat… I can imagine it as a story passed down from generation to generation…

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