#unZombie Tales


Will laughed as he twisted the top off another beer. Damn, it felt good to be able to just relax for an evening. Next to him, his friend didn’t look so complacent.

“Coop – I tell ya, if someone had told me we’d both be dads of twins, I’d have told them to stop smoking so much. You’re in for some fun times, bud.”

Coop smirked. “Yeah, I’ve heard. I’m glad you guys will be around to laugh at us when we’re in up to our eyeballs. I’m just sorry we weren’t able to be around for you last year. That job offer Abby had in Edinburgh was just too good to pass up.”

“No worries. We’ll help you. I mean, this is no Sunday school picnic, but you’ll survive.”

“Speaking of – you never told me how you guys survived the zombie outbreak last October. We couldn’t believe the news – our home town, besieged by zombies! Thank goodness it was contained quickly.”

“Uhh, zombie outbreak? I have no idea what you’re talking about. We didn’t see any zombies here.”

“No? It was all over the news. They would stop at each house, eating the brains of anyone there who wasn’t already a zombie.”

“We did have a bunch of salesmen stop by, now that you mention it, but they all just walked away…”

The sound of a sprinkler in the distance filled the air during quite a pregnant pause.


“Oh yeah.” Will laughed, deep and long. “You guys are screwed!”


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