Visual Dare #19 – Depth

Falling into a bottomless pit leaves you a lot of time to think. Even if there had been air on this planet to carry the sound of his screams, eventually he’d be falling faster than his screams would rise, and there would be no way to ever let anyone know he was here. There had to be some way – something he could do to show the world he’d been alive.

There was a crunch, and a squeal of brakes. Many seconds later, a piece of notepaper slowly drifted down, landing in the spreading pool of blood.

No pit is bottomless.


3 Responses to “Visual Dare #19 – Depth”

  1. Love how you described the plunge downward in terms of sound – an eerie, eloquent touch. Well done, once again!

  2. Angela used the right word: plunge! Really well done! :))

  3. I’d like to say that was “deep” but it sounds too corny!
    So I’ll try “thought provoking” instead!
    I loved it.

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