#MenageMonday, week 44


The hands wrapping around his midsection, pulling him backward, startled him for many reasons, none more so than because he was dead. He distinctly remembered the crash, and the sirens, and the thoughts you think once you’ve breathed your last but your brain isn’t done whirring. When he’d been alive, being dragged through complete darkness would have been terrifying, but he found himself merely bemused, curious about his sudden change of circumstances.

He burst forth into a large cavern, his body thumping against a pile of soft earth. Hands brushed his face clean, and where the fingers touched him, his nerve endings flared, not into life, but something entirely new. Without even opening his eyes, he saw that the being who’d taken him was tall, and framed by thick, heavy wings.

The first words he heard in this new life were muffled, and he shook his head to indicate his lack of comprehension. The angel put its hands to its mouth, and pulled, and suddenly the voice was perfectly clear. “Did you ever wonder, my son, why I was taken from you so early?” The angel shrugged her mask and oxygen tanks from her shoulders and embraced him fiercely.



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