#MenageMonday, week 45


They’d waited millennia for conditions to be right. Not being able to move or interact with another living being not of their own kind made it especially challenging, and the thrill of finding out they were telepathic paled once they realized how each of their companions’ brands of evil sickened them. If it wasn’t for their desire to feed on living flesh, they each thought at one point or another, the first thing they’d do given the chance, would be to kill each other.

Tonight was definitely the night. The archaeologists had found the old legends, and some of them saw the stories for what they were – knowledge of how to harness power. Power that was more fundamental to the nature of existence than electricity or nuclear fusion, power that could rend a man’s soul from his body or make a distant star explode as an act of will. Those who understood the secrets kept their insights to themselves, but told edited versions of the stories to the masses, allowing them to learn the spells without attracting undue attention.

The Acolytes of Truth, as they asked to be known, had themselves waited generations for this night. They knew the exact second of moonrise, for it was at that moment they would reveal themselves to the world. A blue moon in February was a particularly rare occurrence, and none of them would be alive the next time the heavens aligned in their favor.

Placed in the gardens of a park just outside the city by an unwitting landscaper on the lookout for something unique to set apart her flowerbeds, the demons, trapped in metal exoskeletons for so many years, began to quiver. The time had come.

Raising their heads, the demons looked at the moon and felt her life-giving warmth. As one, they smelled the heat of living beings and moved to begin The Feed. The Acolytes were the first to be eaten, as it turned out the ability to release evil did not protect one from it. But they were far from the last, and soon the blue moon presided over a world of red.


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