Visual Dare #21 – Odd Couple

“This is the worst party ever, Mr. Jangles.”

“I know, Squawky.”

“You told me there would be lots of chicks here.”

“I did.”

“I was totally gonna get some tail tonight.”

“I’m sure you were.”

“And you were going to score yourself a nice p-”

“Don’t even say it! Show some class, fer heaven’s sake. Sometimes, I wonder why I haven’t eaten you.”

“You know I’m right. This whole place is full of stiffs.”

“Not everyone’s as cool as you are, Squawky.”

And that was the last time Mr. Jangles and Squawky went to a mixer at Memories Forever Taxidermy.


4 Responses to “Visual Dare #21 – Odd Couple”

  1. O my. Can we say “dark humor”? This is hilarious and disturbing (in a good way) on so many different levels. Another great twist on a seemingly ordinary prompt! Well done, m’friend!!

  2. Kern Windwraith Says:

    Hee! “This whole place is full of stiffs”–favourite line! Love that ending!

  3. So funny, Names are perfect 🙂

  4. Bet they found their way out of that party pretty quickly!

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