#MenageMonday, week 47

Winner, Honorable Mention! http://www.caramichaels.com/defiantlyliterate/2012/09/18/menagemonday-winners-week-47/

Prompt: http://www.caramichaels.com/defiantlyliterate/2012/09/17/menagemonday-challenge-week-47/

Who woulda thought that Fox News would be the ones who broke the biggest story in human history? One minute it was “Obama to criminalize being white” and the next it was “Heaven Breaking Apart.” Between the news scrolling across the bottom of the screen and the ads at the top, I watched as St. Peter threw open the pearly gates to show god’s crumbling empire – clouds bumping into each other, angels molting, and the souls of all who were yet to be born crystalizing into matter, passing out of the celestial sphere and covering the earth in special snowflakes.

It wasn’t long before every two-bit saint was trying to make his or her way in this new world, and unfortunately for most, they didn’t have much in the way of marketable skills. Being a monk in 1522 doesn’t help you navigate the information superhighway. I could see that it was really starting to go downhill when I saw the ad on Craiglist. “For Sale: one soul, never used.” Clearly, I wasn’t going to be able to sit this one out forever. I didn’t invent the cosmic soul blizzard, I just have the best snow shovel.


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