#VisualDare 23 – Peeking

A silly little story, too late for last week’s Visual Dare.

Here’s the link to the prompt, anyway. http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com/2012/09/visual-dare-23-peeking.html

She leaned into him as they walked through the courtyard, holding hands and enjoying the summer sun. This was their first trip alone since the kids were born, and the sense of peace was overwhelming. One of the gargoyles that lined the wall caught her eye, and she thought of how long that face had been up there, looking over the world. Hundreds of years, or so the tour guide said. What an amazing record of life those stone eyes had seen – battles, births, deaths, festivals, and generations untold, gone before the first blink. She wondered what the gargoyle would think of how different the world was today from when it was first carved, if it could think, that is. Her husband leaned down and kissed her, and they walked off laughing, heading away into the rest of the castle.


Distracted, she didn’t notice the sparkle in the eyes behind her, tracking them as they rounded the corner. She would have been astonished to realize that there was an intelligence behind that immobile face, and that it had indeed tracked the passage of human history for nearly a millennium with fascination, horror, and bemusement. Even more astonishing to her would have been the details of the gargoyle’s thoughts at that exact moment. It didn’t know who or what was the cause; all it knew was that the evolution of society which resulted in women wearing tight jeans was the best thing it had ever witnessed.


 “Honey, do you hear someone humming ‘Baby Got Back’?”


3 Responses to “#VisualDare 23 – Peeking”

  1. BAHAHAhahahaha I’m so glad you posted this!! This is GREAT. Love, love, love. From the sweet to the serene to the sassy, and with such perfect timing. LOVE. 😀

  2. Cheeky gargoyle! Loved this. As Angela says, the pacing is spot on. Such a lovely, light touch you have.

  3. Great!!! Such a good laugh! Nicely written too. Perfect read for a difficult Monday. Thanks!

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