Visual Dare #25 – Forgotten?

When last she saw it, the Earth was shrinking as she moved further and faster than anyone before. She knew they’d be returning to a very different planet than they’d left. Transmissions from Earth were impossible under the Boost Drive, and the effects of time dilation meant that over 250 years had passed down there, while ship time hadn’t cracked ten. She hadn’t known that, out of the eight who had set out on the Witten, she’d the only one seeing this image. Or that at some point in the last quarter-millennium, the entire human race would have moved on.


4 Responses to “Visual Dare #25 – Forgotten?”

  1. Intriguing entry!! I found myself wondering if “the eight” were in fact human, or some other species returning to see how the human race had “moved on.” A great set-up for a sci-fi mystery. Great work!

    • It’s very rare for me to not try to make it a 100 word story, but there it is. You certainly are seeing things I didn’t, which makes it that much more fun!

  2. A great story.
    10 years away and yet 250 years later – she’s in for a heck of a lot of surprises.

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