#MenageMonday, week 50

Winner, Honorable Mention! http://www.caramichaels.com/defiantlyliterate/2012/10/12/menagemonday-winners-week-50/

Prompt http://www.caramichaels.com/defiantlyliterate/2012/10/08/menagemonday-challenge-week-50/

The sea was calm now, but not quiescent. Having won the most recent battle so thoroughly, it knew that it could wait, gathering its strength, until we forgot its power and rebuilt, and it could tell us again the folly of our ways. The sturdiest structures of man, monuments to hubris and dreams, had been no match for the tsunami, and neither had been the lies on which I’d lived my life.

I was alone on the beach today. I had no life to rebuild, not like the rest of them. My name, my job, my feelings – all had been a myth, designed for one goal. She didn’t understand, of course. She couldn’t have understood why, when the wave was bearing down on us, my concern wasn’t for her, or for our children. Why I rushed to an abandoned factory in an old beach town, ignoring her frantic calls and texts. It wasn’t how I’d have chosen to break the news to her that she had married someone not of her world, but the Portal had to be protected, and even my magic was no match for the sea.


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