Monday Mixer, week 1


My first post in the new Monday Mixer contest, run by @Klingorengi

Enter, if you dare!

The sand was wet, and hard under his feet. He crested the dune, steeling himself against the tears he thought would come, but stayed dormant. The seashore was always her favorite place, and he hadn’t known how to come back. In his head, he’d composed detailed arguments trying to justify his absence. He imagined her across from him, at the corner table in Jonathan Livingston Albatross, her favorite cafe, listening to him go on about some topic or another. She’d sip her tea, and nod at all the right places, and then when he was done, she’d pause, smile, and call him pedantic. They’d argue, with passion but no anger, and later in bed, she’d call him pedantic again, during another moment of passion. The tears came now, and he cried out into the wind.

She cried with him, and set her wings for the long flight out to sea.


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