Monday Mixer, week 2

Winner, Honorable Mention!

“What do you think of this one?” She held the candle up to his face, and he took a perfunctory sniff. He paused, and sniffed again, reading the label.

“What the heck is lemon verbena?”

“Cassie asked for ‘pretty-smelling candles,’ so…”

“Candles? Sigh. I remember when all she wanted was a cuddly puppy.”

She laughed, taking his hand as they walked out into the street. This was their special shopping day, the one which always made him feel like a kid. The lights along Michigan Avenue. The crowds, hustling in and out of each skyscraper trying to stay warm. His euphoric feeling didn’t last long, unfortunately.

“Don’t forget, we’re meeting Jane and Adam for dinner tomorrow night.”

“That’s right. No holiday season would be complete without a lecture from the harbinger of the end times. Will that piglet they call their son be there, or is he the main course?”

This time I went for overachiever status, with 6 words…


One Response to “Monday Mixer, week 2”

  1. That closing line, the piglet son, had me giggling out loud!! Terrific!! 🙂

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