Monday Mixer, week 3

Winner, Best Prompt User!

Andrew reined in his horse, coming to stop in front of the ziggurat. The dry season that year was particularly extreme, and riding through that much dust had left him insensate.

He hadn’t wanted to travel back in time. He’d been walking down the street holding Michelle’s hand, when they’d seen that sign in the storefront window. “Visit the lost Inca cities!” She was so cute when she was willful, and he’d signed the papers without reading them.

Now he was eight hundred years before his own time with no way home. The Guaranteed to Work Return Button was nothing more than a decorated “Easy” button from an office supply store and Michelle had left him for the Warrior King of Clan Wombat.

Just thinking about that over-muscled freak filled his veins with vitriol.

Andrew hopped off the horse and started up the steps of the ziggurat. Home sweet home.

Overachiever, again.


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