Triple Visual Dare #1


They’d strapped the elf queen to the front of the wagon, a trophy to be worshipped by the masses. Thinking her powerless and shamed in defeat, none noticed how the trees leaned in, listening to the spells whispered by her blowing hair.

Now she lay chained to a bare stone floor, high above the keep. The sounds of workmen and maidservants drifted up from the courtyard, in preparation for tomorrow’s hanging.

As night fell, the bustling noises were silenced, one by one.

Up the tower stairs, though not made for root and branch, her new army came, circling and circling.

I used all three pictures, but it’s not from my NaNo story, because I don’t have a NaNo story. 😉


2 Responses to “Triple Visual Dare #1”

  1. I can just imagine her smiling knowingly at imminent freedom

  2. WELL THEN. I think you need to invent a longer story for this one, because….well….I said so!! Nice work, nailing all three photo prompts in one entry!!

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