Triple Visual Dare #3


The queen sat on the feather bed, legs splayed as only allowed by the flexibility of youth, as she listened to the Magi’s tale of her destiny. The rains that darkened the realm for 40 years were slowly choking the life out of her people. No crops would grow, the ox and sheep were on starvation rations from what they could import. She’d walked through the statues in front of the castle with her chaperone, splashing at the feet of the kingdom’s heroines. But the gods weren’t sated by peasant sacrifices. Her duty was clear.

She’d make a queenly statue.


2 Responses to “Triple Visual Dare #3”

  1. Oooo. Another fairy tale in a nutshell – with reference to all three photo prompts! Brilliant. Lovely work.

  2. All the stories from these prompts are tinged with sadness. Here is a young heroine making a brave and tragic choice. In another 40 years, no one will remember her.

    Nicely done.


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