Monday Mixer, week 5

Winner, Best Prompt User!

Why they had installed a klaxon in a bathyscaphe, Simon was never sure. Moving through the depths of the Marianas Trench was disorienting enough. There were no landmarks, nothing beyond the floodlights, and utter silence.

Punctuated by blasts from the damned klaxon.

The fool thing was stuck in some maintenance cycle, and had been going off the entire time he’d been down here. He’d radioed for help, but the vacuous dolts back at HQ couldn’t come up with anything more helpful than “pay attention to the clock, and cover your ears.”


There was no warning to prepare him for the first sighting of the island. As he gathered himself, Simon realized that his ship had settled into the ruins of a very large stadium. The klaxon was now blowing a fanfare for the dead as he became the first human in millennia to witness the lost world of Atlantis.


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