Triple Visual Dare #4


The giant prince conceived himself an artist. The finest wrights were dispatched to create his tools. The woodsman carved a fallen oak into an ink pen, tipped by silver wrought by the king’s smith.

The prince drew only in black on white. Feathers from every crow in the kingdom were rendered to create the purest ink. His canvas, a sail from his father’s largest ship.

Despite his size, he created a work of such surpassing loveliness and detail that patrons were seen pressing their faces to the canvas, aching to see more.

For the giant prince had drawn the universe.


7 Responses to “Triple Visual Dare #4”

  1. Very nice take on the prompt. To draw the universe – what an accomplishment!

  2. Very expansive. But – oh – those ppor crows.


  3. AH. That last line is the clincher for me. Now *I* want to go find a way into the painting….! Nice use of all three prompts. Great work!

  4. I’m deeply impressed by your imagination 🙂

  5. So good! Love the visual.

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