Monday Mixer, week 6

She sat on the veranda, eating ravioli and listening to that awful ocarina mp3 he’d recorded for her at the spaceport. That was before the chasm in their relationship, and while his assumption that she’d like this tuneless warbling was a bit fatuous, it wasn’t filled with the malice that had come to characterize their more recent interactions.

He’d grown progressively more spiteful in his treatment of her, from the indiscriminate tossing of red socks in with the whites at the laundromat to changing the settings on the dvr to record only episodes of her shows that she’d already seen. She’d become more regressive, using foul language when the kids visited to only eating food of which a four year old would approve.

Hence the Chef Boy-ar-dee.

Tomorrow, she thought, would be a great day for him to find ravioli in his slippers.

After all, fiftieth anniversaries are special occasions.

Used all 9 words.


4 Responses to “Monday Mixer, week 6”

  1. And I thought I’d done well to use seven prompts! Great story!

  2. So fun to read and the prompts fit so seamlessly!! Wonderful!!

  3. Great tale, and you managed to fit all the prompts in nicely.


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