Monday Mixer, week 8


Vindictive didn’t begin to describe Alysson. All men are conditioned to expect a certain amount of retaliation after jilting a woman, but scientists from distant galaxies would be studying the nebula left over from her reaction to finding Jim and Tina in her bed for millennia. Going viral within days, the boudoir pics she posted, after a quick pass through Photoshop, of “Thumbtack Jimmy” spawned two memes, a parody song that got a million hits on YouTube, and a visit from Jim’s irate (but secretly amused) mother to his workplace. Jim had been an inveterate skirt-chaser during his marriage, but it was months before he could approach a woman in a bar and not get doused or slapped. The heat from the fallout provided the foundry in which he redefined himself, and years later, he privately thanked Alysson during the frenetic last days of his presidential campaign for his redemption.


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