Visual Dare #35


The old man rounded the corner and ducked into an alcove. He remained hunched over his pilfered treasure until he knew he hadn’t been followed and pulled the loaf of fresh-baked bread from his robes.

“Oh, that smells good. Can we eat it now?” The old woman’s hands, gnarled and twisted, twitched in anticipation of this morning’s meal.

“Of course we can. He didn’t steal that for fun, did he?” The one-eyed farrier’s son hadn’t eaten for days, and the scent of fresh dough was making his eyes water. “Now?”

“You wait your turn! Everyone knows I’m first on Wednesdays.” The scullery maid was beaten every Tuesday by the head cook, who had a temper hotter than the ovens in the center of the castle’s kitchens.

Later, sated and drowsy, they were found when the king’s chamberlain stumbled upon their hiding place.

“Here he is,” he called to the team of guards in the hall. “Help me with him, but be gentle. He’s been wandering the castle more and more ever since he started to go mad. It looks like he thinks he’s feeding the poor again.

“Sire. It’s time to go. You don’t need to steal bread from your own kitchens.”


One Response to “Visual Dare #35”

  1. AH. This is great!! Lovely twist on the prompt – the four figures, the loaf of bread, but with a very Grimm’s Fairy Tales kind of twist to it. It puts me in mind of some of the simple-yet-beautifully “translated fairy tales” that I’ve seen put out as chapter books for MG chapter books. I want to know why the king went mad, and how the castle settled into this routine of beatings on Tuesdays, scullery maid is fed first on Wednesdays, and the king’s advisors knowing where all the “usual” hiding places are. A longer tale, waiting to be told. Thanks for sharing!!!

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