VisDare 1: Between.


The Time-Traveling Umbrella

Simon had thought the opera would be a sure path to the inside of Eleanor Applewhite’s petticoats. She was an incurable romantic, and he knew that if her parents weren’t with them last month when they saw A Christmas Carol, he’d have already reached his goal. Unfortunately, his contact in the ticket office didn’t know a tragedy from a comedy, and making a move on the delectable Miss Applewhite wasn’t quite so simple when she was soaking handkerchiefs with her tears.

His face stinging (because Simon wasn’t a man to let an opportunity go unseized, no matter the circumstances) in the cold of a January night, his spirits fell even further when a hard, spitting snow began to fall. He’d had to leave his overcoat at Miss Applewhite’s, and his tuxedo jacket wasn’t quite enough to ward off the chill. There was just over three-quarters of a mile left in the walk back to his apartment, and he was in the process of resigning himself to a truly miserable evening when he walked into the umbrella.

Taken aback, Simon’s first reaction was annoyance at whoever was holding the umbrella and not watching out for passersby, but his brusque “Excuse me…” died on his lips when he realized that, in fact, no one seemed to be holding the umbrella in question. It wasn’t bobbing or swaying in the wind, either, and despite the weather, it was as dry as if it had been in his parlor all evening long. The only thing the umbrella interacted with, as near as Simon could tell, was him.

The wind began to blow harder, and while the snow pelted Simon with great ferocity, he hardly seemed to notice, so intent was he on this otherworldly umbrella. For it was quite apparent that wherever this floating parasol had come from, it wasn’t Mr. Worthington’s shop down on Elm and Sixth. He couldn’t quite tell when it started, but as he stared at the umbrella, it began to flicker, like the gas lights in his building that couldn’t seem to stay on when he was reading in the evenings. Terrified at the thought of losing this wonder he had stumbled upon, Simon reached out and grabbed its handle. In the next flicker, both it and he were gone.

Simon wasn’t sure what he’d expected would happen when he had reached out that night, but what he’d experienced had shocked even him, and he’d been an ardent devotee of the fantastical arts. He sure hadn’t had much more luck with the ladies of this time than he’d had with the long-gone Miss Applewhite, even though petticoats had gone the way of gas lighting, although he didn’t think that wasn’t the primary cause of his current predicament. Just what had led him to think that climbing out on this ledge was a wise decision wasn’t particularly clear to him at the moment – his memory of the last day or so was blurred by a glass too many of cheap red wine. What he did know was that unless the umbrella started to flicker again, and soon, any way he left the ledge would be unlikely to be pleasant.


7 Responses to “VisDare 1: Between.”

  1. Wonderous and delight-filled! You captured the spirited spirit of the photo – perfectly!!

  2. Haha!! Definitely over the 150 but I can teelllllll you are going somewheeerrrrrrrrrre with this one!! With that sort of entry, I challenge you — no, I double dog Visual Dare you – to see if you can’t link the following Visual Dares with this one. Whether or no, I definitely this one could be built upon. Great start to the 2013 dares! 🙂

    • Ooh, that sounds intriguing! And I certainly hope to tell more of Simon’s (or the umbrella’s) story…

  3. I like it! Just when was he at the end, and what happened? When’s he going next? I agree with Angela, you need to work on this further.

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