Five Sentence Fiction: Midnight


Simon shifted in his half-sleep, tightening his hold on the umbrella. He’d seen a lot of dark places since he first grabbed its handle, but none quite as horrific as this place. There was no way he was going to chance it flickering again and stranding him here, not after he saw what those creatures had done to Marcus. The grandfather clock in the parlor rang out the start of a new day, the twelve chimes echoing in his mind long after they’d gone silent, a worrisome harbinger of what was yet to come. Fully awake now, he concentrated on the smooth feel of the wooden handle in his left hand and the soft skin of Emily’s hand in his right, and tried to remember when he’d last felt safe.

(For context, you might want to read


8 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction: Midnight”

  1. Fantastic! Very well written!

  2. Nicely done, and a great connection to VisDare 1. I do hope he moved on.

  3. YEEK! What exactly did the poor man actually see? I love how you’re already putting out these great tidbits via various flash fiction challenges — give it a few months and you’ll have a “floating outline” of something big and brilliant! (It’s already there, it just needs coaxing out.) 😀

    • Thanks. 🙂 I have an outline of sorts, for something that’s a longish short story, maybe a novella. There’s probably a longer story there, but I think I may try to write this version first and see if I can make it all happen. 🙂

  4. Very intriguing.

  5. Interesting. There are so many ways to go with this. Who made the umbrella, why did he get it, etc. Looking forward to the next part of the story!

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