#Fridayflash 31

Prompt: http://alisonwells.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/fridayflash-31-0r-131-word-creative-flash-fiction-comp/

“Write a short fiction of either 31 or 131 words (loosely) using inspiration from this line ‘The woods were silent, not even the twitter of a bird’ but not including those exact words. You can be as left field as you like, the more innovative the better.”

The further adventures of Simon.

The cacophony of battle stopped as soon as he Flickered. In its place wasn’t just quiet, but total silence. The shock staggered him, and he almost dropped the umbrella into the river.


One Response to “#Fridayflash 31”

  1. AH. Cliffhanger in four sentences? You are evil(ly good author). LOL. Now I need to know where Simon is…..!

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