VisDare 2: Resolute


Emily spun around, laughing. For the first time since Simon had laid eyes on her, she looked truly happy. He didn’t know if the message she’d left at her corporate headquarters would be read, much less believed decades from now, or do anything to stop the crisis that had left her so despondent, but just making the attempt had unburdened her. Her skirt flowed around her like a snow devil, and Simon found himself transfixed, unable to see anything else. She stopped, reached a hand out to him, and smiled. He’d been attracted to her before that moment, but he was now well and fully smitten. “Simon, dance with me?”

“Of course, my dear.” He took her in his arms and began leading her around the gazebo, both of them falling into a waltz which they’d each learned as a child. The sun had finally set, and the warm August night was aglow with the light from the waxing moon. Simon and Emily danced to their unheard symphony without words until, by unspoken agreement, they came to a rest. Simon gave thought to leaning in for a kiss, but Emily twisted away, giggling, and ran out of the gazebo into the surrounding park.

“C’mon, Simon! Out in the moonlight!” She kicked off her shoes and held her arms out to him, her invitation clear. Entranced by the magic of this night, Simon smiled and began twirling the umbrella around in the air, ever the dapper gentleman. As it spun past his eyes, he realized that it was a blur not because it was moving so fast, but because it had started flickering. Emily saw it at the same time he did, and began running back to him, the panic clear on her face. “Si…”

Simon never heard the end of her call, for mid-twirl, he Flickered. Where once had been a beautiful park in the moonlight was now a city street, lined with garbage, in front of worn and decaying brownstones. He didn’t know where or when he was, but he wasn’t with Emily anymore, and his heart fell. He was alone. She was alone, and stranded in 1947. Simon’s panicked and despondent reverie was broken quickly, however, by a shout from a very odd, very large, very angry man.
“Get out of my way, or I’ll run you down, motherfucker!”

Simon leaped back just in time to avoid  being run down by the man in question – a large black man with large black hair delicately balanced on a two-wheeled bicycle and riding at a high speed towards him. The balance was needed because, unlike most two-wheeled bicycles, this one was lacking its front wheel. The man was looking around for a safe way to stop, but seemingly didn’t see one, and crashed instead into a large pile of garbage bags strewn around a lamppost.

He thought, much later, that the whole episode was weirdly prophetic about his relationship with Marcus.


2 Responses to “VisDare 2: Resolute”

  1. Poor Simon! This has become a time-traveler’s nightmare — he stranded in one time, his love in the next, and neither of them in their right place. I’m guessing Marcus is the distinguished bicycle rider? SWEET. Can’t wait to see how you pull all these floating scenes together!

    • It’s kind of weird, because my first thought was “didn’t you read…x…where….” and then I realized, no. Those scenes are only on my computer. 😉

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