Five Sentence Fiction – Forgotten


The city they’d each grown up in had the same name, but was a very different place in their minds’ eyes. Simon looked out at the scene before him and thought of horses pulling him and his friends through the streets, surrounded by a patina of soot from ten thousand coal furnaces, and the chatter of a hundred thousand immigrants, still trying to hold on to their faraway homelands. Emily’s city had done away with the horses (except for the romantics in Central Park), but had added even more chaos, dirt, and lives in transition from one world to another, and sometimes back again. Neither of them was quite prepared, then, for the sight of a city half-underwater, the great buildings fallen into ruin, coated in algae and gulls’ nests, and half primeval forest, hiding once-brightly lit thoroughfares behind branch, leaf, and vine. The megalopolis was nothing but a memory on the verge of being forgotten, and they both wondered the same things – what had happened, and just how far into the future had they come?


7 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Forgotten”

  1. I love this, so evocative and full of foreboding…wonderful!

  2. josie2shoes Says:

    Deep and dark and so intriguing. I loved the initial memories so varied, yet both arriving now at the same point in time to unearth secrets waiting to be told. This was great!

  3. A great little burst of story here, so full and suggestive of details, like a reading a blurb and wanting more!

  4. Ooo, I want to know more, about all of it. Intriguing piece.

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