VisDare 3: Third Eye


Lightning flashed as the trio Flickered, and they were struck by a hard, cold rain. The street ahead was dim in the grey of an afternoon storm, and they looked around for shelter. None of the buildings were lit up, but some had awnings, which provided at least partial cover from the rain. As they got closer, they realized that not only were the businesses dark, but many of the windows were boarded over, and the ones that weren’t had been broken. The sheets of plywood had been nailed up haphazardly, and looked like they’d been clawed at by something tall and strong.

“Something’s very wrong here. And I don’t think we should be out here once the sun goes down – I don’t want to meet whatever did that to those buildings.” Emily’s voice was unsteady as she looked around for someplace safe.

“You might be scared, baby, but you just let ol’ Marcus protect you. I ain’t met a motherfucker yet who can take me in a fight.” Marcus pulled the gun he kept tucked in his pants and made a show of cocking it. “Not like Mister Simon here, Simon who no one can trust.”

“Not now, Marcus. Please. Let’s just get inside.” Emily knew the time was coming soon where Marcus and Simon would fight – over her, over the umbrella, heck, over anything – and she was genuinely worried about what would happen if Marcus won.

Lightning flashed again, striking a tree no more than a block away, splitting the wood and setting the limbs afire. The thunder was intense enough that it rocked them where they stood. It was in that strike that the stranger appeared in front of them. In the glow of the burning tree, Simon saw what at first glance appeared to be a large man in a dingy overcoat. He opened his mouth to say something in greeting, but the words died in his throat. As the figure stepped closer, Simon noticed that it couldn’t be a man – not walking towards them on four legs. And where the man/creature’s stomach lay under the overcoat was a writhing bulge, pushing the fabric taut in twitches and fits.

Simon backed up involuntarily, and moaned as his back struck the storefront behind him. Emily grabbed his hand, shivering from more than the cold rain, but Marcus saw his chance. He pointed his gun at the newcomer. “That’s close enough, asshole. Stay away from her, or I’ll make some holes in your nice coat.”

The man took a queer half-step/jump forward, stopping mere inches from Marcus. He had a vicious grin on his face, and he hissed, spraying flecks of thick mucus over Marcus’ face. Marcus screamed, dropping the gun, which hit the ground and fired, launching the bullet harmlessly into the storm. The man’s hands pulled at the waist of his coat, and Simon saw a dull red head emerge from the man’s stomach. It turned to face him, one lidless eye centered over a mouth filled with fangs. Faster than Simon would have imagined possible, the head thrust towards Marcus and tore a huge chunk out of his abdomen. His wild scream ripped through the night, and Emily and Simon fled. As they ran down the street, Simon took one look back to see three other creatures joining the first. Marcus’ screams rose again, and then ceased.


One Response to “VisDare 3: Third Eye”

  1. Holy cow! Now this is DEFINITELY a different take on the prompt. The ongoing saga of Simon took a distinctly macbre twist here – but it works!! Although that was a really rough way to get rid of Simon’s rivalry, I must say. ::sad face:: Still….I doubt Simon and Emily are out of the woods yet…Darn that pesky umbrella!!

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