#VisDare 4 – Steps

Prompt: http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com/2013/01/visdare-4-steps.html

Simon talked late into the evening, telling what he could remember about his adventures with the umbrella. There seemed to be no end to Walter’s questions – he seemed to want to know everything, especially about what he and Emily and Marcus had been doing just at the moment of each Flicker. When they got to the story of Marcus’ murder, Walter’s face fell, and he sat back in his chair, staring silently at his drink. The pause grew, until finally Walter spoke in a flat, emotionless voice. “I think you should come with me. I have something you need to see.”

He led them out of the cabin and around to the back. The cold night air was bracing after sitting near a warm fire for so long, and Simon’s heart began to race. He suddenly couldn’t shake the idea that the umbrella had brought them here for a reason, and that reason was something awful. Behind the cabin was a small hill, a heavy wooden door set into the side facing the cabin, surrounded by an archway made of rough stone blocks. Walter opened the door, grunting with the effort, and stepped inside. He disappeared into blackness, and Simon hesitated, unsure of whether he wanted to follow. There was a rumbling noise, and then a faint glow began coming from within the darkness, gradually becoming bright enough to guide their way. Walter had disappeared down a set of hand-chiseled granite steps, leading to a dirt walkway. Simon turned to Emily, his concern clearly expressed on his face. She was calm in a way he didn’t quite understand, and took his hand, gently leading him through the arch and down the stairs.


4 Responses to “#VisDare 4 – Steps”

  1. What did they see? What happened next? Write the continuation! Haha.

  2. WAH. Creeeeepyyyy! I’m hearing Twilight Zone notes playing in the background….! Cannot wait till all of Simon’s story is in one continuous narrative. He is meeting such amazing characters along the way; and I get the sense that he’s inside a kind of time-traveling Rubik’s Cube, and each landing brings him nearer the big picture, if not the solution….

  3. The characters come through strongly in this piece, despite the brevity.

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