Five Sentence Fiction – Ringing


The crowd flowed down the street towards the temple, the din of cheering and laughter layering over the backbeat of the ringing of the ceremonial bells to envelop Simon in a cocoon of vibrations which drowned out all other sensation. He was way too drunk, out of his time, out of his place, surrounded by strangers speaking a language he didn’t understand, and accompanied not by the woman he had fallen hard for, but by a vulgar and angry man who wanted to take from him his talisman, his reason for being here. Someone bumped into him, and Simon stumbled, unable to catch his balance. The only thing that kept him from falling to the ground and getting trampled was Marcus, who saw his opportunity at last, catching Simon with one arm and grabbing the umbrella with the other. Marcus grinned and tried to move backwards, anger twisting his grin into something horrible as he raised the umbrella to strike Simon.


11 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Ringing”

  1. Sisyphus47 Says:

    Wondering at the tale behind the scene… wishing to know more πŸ™‚

  2. I enjoyed this short tale.
    Must be one hell of an umbrella.

  3. Interesting piece. I, too, want to know more about the umbrella πŸ™‚

  4. McGuffyAnn Says:

    This was interesting, and lends itself to so much more.

  5. Feeling rather worried for Simon; the drink, the loss of his talisman, the crowd, the woman . . where is she? I feel he has been set up. A very descriptive piece which I could read more of. I want him to be ok so much!! xx

  6. Great scene. Poor Simon. I do want to know what Marcus has against him.

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