Monday Mixer, week 10

The old woman fetched water from the rill, as she did every morning. She was getting querulous in her old age, muttering about her aches and pains as she climbed the hill to the patisserie, the fires from the ovens warming the air before the sun rose over the horizon. Across the water, movement caught her eye as the old man stepped from the cabana, and the old woman shuddered. He had always been angry about something or another, even as a young man, and spending too many years in the mortar of His Lordship’s Army under the pestle of earning too little money to retire with any dignity had worn him down. Today would be a day which would bring out his intrinsic bellicose nature, for today heralded the arrival of the tax collectors. She hoped her bread would be enough this time. She had no cakes to give.


2 Responses to “Monday Mixer, week 10”

  1. I was a bit surprised by how easily these words fit into your story. The usage of each one made sense to me, and it is a truly well-written entry.

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