Five Sentence Fiction – Purple


Four years vanished in a flash, and she ran over to Simon, needing to touch him, needing to know he was really there, needing to know that he wouldn’t be able to leave her behind again. He was trembling, more tentative in his embrace than she had hoped, and she was briefly afraid she’d lost him somehow, even though she’d just found him, but she saw the way his eyes kept flickering to the large man at his table, and she knew there was a lot more to Simon’s story that she needed to know. Emily stepped back, although she didn’t let go of Simon’s hand, and assessed the situation. Simon was glad to see her – she felt the strength – the rightness – of their connection in the way his hand gripped hers; but the other man just made her feel afraid.

As for Marcus, he saw heartbreak in a purple dress, and that goddamned umbrella.

Come read more about Emily, Simon, and the Time Travelling Umbrella here:


5 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Purple”

  1. I love that umbrella! Great addition to the storyline.

  2. There’s a lot going on under the surface in these sentences…I’d love to know the rest of this story 🙂 Nice job!

  3. Sometimes what is being said with the eyes or a handclasp tells much more than is being conveyed in the conversation. This is the scene you have created, one can feel all the undercurrents that are soon to be played out.

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