#FlashFriday, week 10

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/flash-friday-10/comment-page-1

Before settling into her seat, sixth row center, Emily took a moment to look over the stage. Her eye caught a reflection from the tape they’d used to set the marks for the singers, and she smiled, thinking of her days in drama club back in high school. Well – forward in high school might be a better way of putting it, since her days as a stage manager were nearly fifty years in the future.

The house lights dimmed, and the spot op focused his light on the microphone at center stage. The singer walked out from the wings to polite applause, resplendent in a white tuxedo and black cufflinks, polished until they sparkled like diamonds in the stage lights. He looked down and closed his eyes as the strings began behind him, waiting for the right moment to enter the song. “I have dreamed…”

As he sang, Emily was carried away on a sea of memories. Watching ‘The King and I’ with her parents, the days she’d spent lost and scared in New York, wondering if there was a way out from under her mistakes that had hurt so many, but most of all, Simon. The summer evenings she had spent with him in Cooperstown, the nights she lay awake afterwards, alone, and all the nights since, wondering where he was and if he was okay.

“How you look in the glow of evening
I have dreamed and enjoyed the view
In these dreams I’ve loved you so…”


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