Love Bites: An Anti-Valentine Blog Hop

The inklingettes are having some fun with the VDay event this week, hosting a blog hop about love gone wrong. Here’s my entry.


The last of the regulars signed off from the chat room, so I closed the window and turned off the monitor. They were pathetic in their own way, spending tonight of all nights online with fools like me, but, if they were to be believed, at least they weren’t going to bed alone.


All one.

A zero.

Raw, sweaty, and drained, I made my way to the bedroom for the last time. The tears came now, as they did most nights, unless I managed to exhaust myself enough to nearly pass out in front of the computer. I picked up the bottle I’d gotten from the corner store and the package I’d gotten from the gypsy. He hadn’t explicitly said that I should avoid alcohol during the ritual, but he did make it clear that the pill would taste awful, and I didn’t want to spend eternity needing mouthwash.

I put the necklace over my head and read the incantation, helpfully translated phonetically by the app he’d told me to download.

She’d be in bed with him tonight, probably sated after a romantic dinner and an evening of pleasure. She had usually slept naked on nights like this, and I wondered if she would have kicked the covers off, or if I’d have to wait until morning to see her revealed to me.

I swallowed the pill and closed my eyes. She’d never know I was there, but she’d never be able to get rid of me, not now.

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Make sure to read the rest of the marvelous stories, too!


23 Responses to “Love Bites: An Anti-Valentine Blog Hop”

  1. Creepy and intriguing, and I like the old ideas of incantations and pills mixed with the modern apps and computers!

  2. Yowza! That’s just disturbing. Nicely done, man.

  3. Very creepy!! I liked the mystical world mixed in after the modern references.

  4. So much intrigue, what is he going to do? I need more!

  5. Oh wow – intriguing story which leaves me with far too many unanswered questions! I loved the mix of mystery and modern technology too – a fantastic anti-valentine concoction!

  6. And now, I shall leave a proper comment:
    Hot damn, that was creeptastic! Good work, my friend!

  7. Fantastically Creepy!! Hate to repeat what’s already been said but I totally love the blending of old school ritual and modern tech. So happy you joined the hop!! 🙂

  8. Now that’s damn creepy. That’ll send shivers up your spine. And I say that with the utmost respect. 🙂 Nicely done, Doc.

  9. Like the above comments, it’s creepy but in a good way as I would really love to read more. A good mix of the modern day with the pills and incantation too. Lovely story writing. x

  10. I echo what’s already been said (awesomely creepy) and I love it. This would make a fantastic short story. Thank you for this 🙂

  11. Forever haunted what an horrendous thought. Great writing!

  12. Ooh, fabulous! What is desire if not the haunting of another’s spirit? Loved it!

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