#VisDare 7: Secret

Prompt: http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com/2013/02/visdare-7-secret.html

The hidden room Emily had found was small, no more than ten feet on a side. It had clearly been the playroom of a little girl who turned it into her own fairyland. The shelves on the walls were lined with princess dolls, and the center of the room was dominated by a toy castle, meticulously crafted to allow her to transport her dolls to another world. In the flickering of the candlelight, the castle looked like it was bustling with activity – Simon could imagine knights riding out to protect the kingdom, or maybe pennants flying the breeze on a festival day. Set in the side of the castle was a small brass key, handcrafted and almost indescribably beautiful. Emily reached out to touch it, gently brushing her fingers over the metal, and then let her hand drop to her side. The child who had been so loved by someone as to have this world created for her was long gone, and there was no sense in seeing whether the key would stir the restless ghosts of the house, or, worse yet, call to the monsters outside.

(Slightly over the word count, this time!)

Come read more about Emily, Simon, and the Time Travelling Umbrella here:https://projectgemini12.wordpress.com/tag/time-travelling-umbrella/


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  1. This is really good!

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