Five Sentence Fiction – Abandoned


The air was crisp and clean – it was early morning on a summer’s day that would be warm but not hot, without the humidity that could spoil an afternoon in the sun. Glad just to be alive, Simon and Emily walked hand-in-hand along the riverbank, traveling with the water as it flowed downstream. They walked in silence as the sun rose in the sky, and were starting to get hungry when they happened upon the bridge. It had once been a mighty steel-and-concrete structure, but it had long since collapsed into ruin. Marveling at how such a large creation could be abandoned, they set about looking for a sign that might tell them where they were and which way they were going.


7 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Abandoned”

  1. I like that you have used the visual prompt as well as the word and this story intrigues me. Nice.

  2. You have set the scene with your words and took us along the journey. Nice descriptive writing.

  3. Very nice and visual! I like this!

  4. Terrific imagery!

  5. Very intriguing story. Seems that Simon and Emily might have been abandoned, too.

  6. Very well done. I hope they find their way.

  7. Lovely and descriptive. Now I want to know why they’re lucky to be alive, and where they’re going too.

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