#VisDare 8: Listening

Prompt: http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com/2013/02/visdare-8-listening.html

The train was nearly empty, this late at night, and they rode on through the darkness, none of them wanting to talk and reveal their secrets to strangers. When the car stopped to let the last other passenger off, Marcus could finally take it no longer. “You two look so good together, y’know? Maybe you should just stay here. It’s nice – I can give you some money, you can get married, have some little white kids, do whatever the fuck you want. But me? Naw man. It’s time for me to get back to the twenty-first century, where I can have some real fun. What do you say – wanna give Marcus the umbrella? You give it to me, I know it will play nice.”

Emily gasped. How could this man ask Simon to do that? Didn’t he know the umbrella wasn’t just some toy, to be passed on like that? It had found Simon for a reason. She was sure of it – had been ever since she’d first heard the story. And it wasn’t to just give it away. She looked at Simon and saw something unfamiliar, but not unwelcome, in his eyes. Anger.

“Marcus. We’ve been through this. Didn’t the umbrella make it clear to you that it doesn’t want anything to do with you? It’s mine, or at least it thinks so. I can’t give it to you, and I wouldn’t even if I could. Stop asking!”

Anger flared in Marcus’ face, and he stood up, towering over Simon. “Fuck you! Fuck. You!” He raised his fist, but instead of punching Simon, he turned and hit the wall of the train car, denting it and knocking down a sign that had hung over the door. The only thing that kept him from pulling his gun and killing Simon right where he sat was that he knew that the umbrella would just reject him again, and that wasn’t acceptable.

Watching Marcus rage against Simon, Emily was reminded of a story she’d read as a child, where men would throw a bunch of alley cats in a box, shake it up, and bet on which one of them would come out of the box alive. As the train rattled through the night, she knew that the three of them were trapped in this car, just like those cats, and just like those cats, they wouldn’t all get out alive. Unless she could find a way.

Come read more about Emily, Simon, and the Time Travelling Umbrella here: https://projectgemini12.wordpress.com/tag/time-travelling-umbrella/


2 Responses to “#VisDare 8: Listening”

  1. Time travelling umbrella rocks! All the waay!! 🙂

  2. Totally soaking up this ride. Can’t wait to read all of this consecutively 😉 so I can get the full impact of Marcus’ part in this tale. He’s obviously not going to be thrown over so easily!!

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