#VisDare 9: Alone

Prompt: http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com/2013/02/visdare-9-alone.html

The piazza was grey in the light of the early dawn, and empty, save for me. It had been easy to dismiss why no one paid attention to me during the moonless night, for we all were enveloped in our own cloak of impenetrable darkness. But as the first rays of the sun peeked over the eastern palisade, the piazza slowly began coming to life. Shopkeepers, old men wandering aimlessly through their day, and the young, vibrant denizens of the city who had places to be going to, or places to be coming from, all walking with purposes great and small.

And me.

On similar mornings in the past, I had shouted. I had waved my arms. I had accosted anyone unfortunate enough to come near me. But today, today I just sat. My cries had gone unanswered. My gesticulating had generated no response. My assaults had been ignored, with not even a shrug needed to dismiss me.

You, the one who still matters, who is still cared for, you move from the darkness to the light, and share a world with billions. I am alone in my shadow, and the world takes no notice of my passing.


2 Responses to “#VisDare 9: Alone”

  1. I dunno….I can see in an oblique way where this would fit with Simon’s story…sounds like someone is need in need of rescuing. 🙂

    Whether or no, I find this one beautifully haunting. Such brokenness in the middle of such life — itself a dark tragedy.

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